Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

DAY 72 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: Excited to read this! ☺️ #donagetshappydays #archiecomics
DAY 70 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: Packed Sylvannas and Pianono for tonight from the family who never fails to spoil me with a bunch of food. ☺️🍞💓Ugh. Failed post from last night.) #donagetshappydays  (at Citibank N.A.)
DAY 69 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: Dose of sweetness. An all-time favorite of mine.🍫 #donagetshappydays #twix
DAY 68 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: The cake of joy. 🍰 Thanks to the cake fam bam, I mean the Cruz Family for this! 💖 #donagetshappydays #cake
DAY 64 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: Reunited with my 10-year old iPod while at work. 🎧💻💗#donagetshappydays #ipod (at Citibank N.A.)
DAY 63 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: Dropped by the Jiep’s place for something I need. Hihi. ☺️ I really love how our homes here in the Metro are just few kilometers away from each other. 🚙🚗🚕  Thank you forever and always, Jieps! 👭 Love love! 💕 #donagetshappydays
DAY 62 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: Wuhooo! My sister’s final thesis defense is finally over! 👊 Not to mention, this thesis of hers will be included to DLS-CSB’s archive.📚 Hooray to another achievement this year, Chenggai! 😉 Can’t wait to see you in toga. Congrats again! 💜 (Permission to steal this, @dawncabs. Hehe. Danke!) #donagetshappydays  (at DLS-CSB)
DAY 61 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: Reunion of highschool laughs.😬 Welcome back, Bulaaas! 💗🍴 #donagetshappydays (at Abè)
DAY 59 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: Old photo of this cutie patootie with their old dog, Beauty (the dog with a ribbon on) 🐾 Hihi. ☺️ Such a cute kid, Love. 💏 #donagetshappydays
DAY 58 OF MY #100HAPPYDAYS: That very random & unplanned Cookie Bar with these ladies which became Kool Kids ice cream day! Haha. 🍦🍨 Love you, 2! #donagetshappydays  (at Barangay Kapitolyo)